How to create slide index in Kaltura Video Presentation

These directions walk you through how to create, or recreate if transitioning from Adobe Presenter, the slide index to your Kaltura video presentations.

Enter Practice course > Click My Media

Locate the presentation you’d like to sync up your slides to and click the pencil icon on the left to Edit.

Beneath your video click the Timeline tab.

On the right you will see a icon that looks like a black page, click this and drop down to Upload Full Deck.

Click on the upward pointing arrow icon.


Locate and attach your slide presentation as pptx or pdf. Depending on how many slides you have it may take a while for Kaltura to process. While they are processing you will see wheels grinding and the message "once the upload and processing is done, the slides will be equally spread across the timeline for you to manually arrange them."

Kaltura will place all slides at the bottom of your timeline, these are not synced to you lecture at this point and you will need to move each slide across the timeline to the point where it should appear in your presentation. You can do this by clicking on the slide and dragging it to the right or left:




When you have finished syncing all slides click Save.

Read Manage Chapters and Slides for more information.





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